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4131 Panda Daytona natural contrast chart
c factory 4131 new realease 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
126500 White panda daytona
In fact, on 116500, we discussed the issue of the dial of the off-white over the colour of the watch, when then GEN watch has several versions, such as cold white, warm white. And so on.
This time we see the 126500 genuine watch, which is the intermediate color between warm white and cool white. The clean factory also made great colors this time

The other parts, the hourmarker, luminescence also very good / ps: It was mentioned above that the top of the central shaft of the back hand of the authentic 4131 was changed to a cylindrical shape, but the 4 real ones provided by clean, we found a few problems, for example, the roundness of the hourmarker is different, and there is old central shaft with tapered tube tip , but the colour is also very good. So the Rolex officer may be clearing the stock of 4130.

There are also pictures comparing the case and strap, the overall appearance of the difference is not big.

This period of time is very stressful, but in the first time clean factory to purchase the five GEN watches , it is said that the value of the watch itself has fallen by more than 50k usd, This does not include the watches that have been disassembled and the broken parts.
I have carefully looked at the real and fakes, and also through the photo comparison, I personally think that one is a I think it is a very good rep.

The choice of sh4131 has a very complex relationship, but I hope you can understand that sh is not equal to low quality, clean factory has never lowered the cost of purchasing because it wants to make more profit. clean factory tell me, this time sh4131 movement procurement cost is not lower than dd4130.

The light can be a problem. Attached are the actual pictures taken under the light as above, I think everyone can refer to the actual pictures.

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