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Rolex Yacht Master M126622-0002 Clean Factory Blue Dial



  • Brand: Rolex
  • Range: Yacht Master
  • Model: M126622-0002
  • Gender: Mens
  • Movement: 3235 Automatic Movement
  • Case Size: 40 mm
  • Factory: Clean Factory
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CLEAN factory launched the Rolex Yacht Master M126622-0002 Clean Factory Blue Dial Replica Watch. Compared with the real product, the blue color is slightly lighter. Of course, the characteristic of the radial pattern is that the color presented in different light is different and accurate. That is to say, the RGB color values ​​are on a benchmark, and there will not be much deviation as a whole. Because C factory Replica Watches uses the same pvd electroplating process as the real product on the entire radial pattern dial, such as the water ghost plate, various log plates, and this yacht plate, which involves the color radiation pattern. The advantage is to guarantee shipment. Colors will not vary in tone from batch to batch. In addition, the coating is thin, and the sun pattern on the bottom can be clearly seen. But the cost is high. The ring of Rolex Yacht Master M126622-0002 Clean Factory Blue Dial Replica Watch is electroplated pvd platinum + anti-fingerprint coating, and the material of the ring is changed from general brass to stainless steel, that is to say, even if the ring is bumped, the electroplating layer destroy. Revealing the background color, he is also the same as white gold. However, the hardness of stainless steel is higher than that of ordinary copper. It is also very strong in processing and cost.

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